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    The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations is a collection of 600 hundred demonstrations in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Considered to be the most valuable and comprehensive in teaching physics and physical science to students providing easy to use search tools to find and access the best possible videos for your lessons.

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  • Moodle

    Moodle, the open source course management system used by thousands of educational institutions around the world providing organized e-learning as an integral asset of the series when licensed online or on microprocessors for groups of students.

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    All materials were developed for easy distribution and interactive access, allowing teachers to create class plans that incorporate various didactic resources and student activities. Several options for delivery are available.

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The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstration is a comprehensive series of physics education material in English, Spanish and Portugues allowing professors to present and students to view a wide range of physics demonstrations not otherwise available to them but important for their understanding of physics concepts.

Produced by The Education Group of Angeles of Los Angeles California with the support of the National Science Foundation, now distributed Online, On Microprocessors and On Flash Drives, is comprised of 600 videotaped demonstrations, 596 minutes long with optional subtitles and related material in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Included are 4000 pages explanations, illustrations equipment lists and correlations which enable professors to immediately identify demonstrations needed by them for the subject matter then being taught.

These editions, Online and on Microprocessors, provide professors with the ability to post assignments, notes and examinations for their students from an administrative page; students are then able to login to their own home page and complete and return assignments to their professor utilizing Moodle or other interactive software.

(Two editions of the series are now available: the first, 600 demonstrations for university and high school students, the second, 168 demonstrations, for younger students. One hundred five of the demonstrations can be used in chemistry courses.)

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