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Video Encyclopedia Overview

The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations is a comprehensive series of physics material produced under the auspices of the National Science Foundation for use by high school, university and middle school students.

The series, designed for interactive use, now available online and still available on DVD, consists of 600 video demonstrations and 4000 pages of written material including explanations, illustrations and equipment lists; the middle school edition utilizes up to 168 of the demonstrations.

The series, in English and in Spanish, has parallel soundtracks, subtitles and written material in both languages.

Correlations to textbooks and state standards enable instructors to immediately identify and locate demonstrations applicable to material being taught.

Online Subscription Overview

The Online Editions provide DVD quality videos and all related written material to teachers and students in their classrooms, at their desks and in their homes.

The videos and written material are available from a user-friendly website which can be customized for each subscriber and can be utilized by teachers to transmit assignments and other information to their students.

You may now view demonstrations from this series and all the written material by clicking on "Free Preview," supply the requested information and we will provide you with a password by email.

If instead, you wish to receive specific information regarding a subscription for your university, school or organization, please click on the link below, supply the requested information and we will prepare a quote for you by email.

DVD Overview

There are two DVD editions of this series.  These bilingual editions, in English and Spanish, have been acquired by more than 4000 schools in 52 countries.

The edition designed for high schools and universities is comprised of 600 demonstrations on 25 DVDs accompanied by over 3000 pages of written material; the price of this edition is $2995.00.

The edition designed for middle school students (ages 10-14) is comprised of 105 demonstrations on 4 DVDs accompanied by approximately 500 pages of written material; the price of this edition is $795.00.

If you wish, click on "Free Preview," obtain a password and view material from this series. In addtion, by clicking on "DVD Information," you will be able to access additional information or place an order for either of the DVD editions of this series.